LS Corso Interattivo Di Lingua Italiana Per Stranieri: Volume A1

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LS Corso Interattivo Di Lingua Italiana Per Stranieri: Volume A

Bring Italian to life with this modern, interactive course! Through interaction with social tools, audiovisual resources and multimedia students will build real-life experiences with the language and culture, developing a truly communicative command of Italian that can be applied in a variety of contexts, both in Italy and around the world.

Student's book, Beginner's level: CEFR A1-B1

Each volume presents 7 units of work, each subdivided into 2 lessons. The lessons comprise various sections (vocabulary, grammar, communication, culture, revision and further expansion) with an additional section, every two units, dedicated to a communicative project, and another to self-assessment. Grammar tables and a glossary are provided in the appendix for easy reference, while a range of useful supplementary tools (multilingual glossaries, translations of the instructions, answer keys, audio transcriptions etc.) are provided online and in the digital book.

MULTIMEDIA: The student's book also provides online access to a digital version of the entire book (via MybSmart platform) and to the supporting multimedia resources.

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    192 pages

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    1 Jan. 2019

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