Make Me German - Adam Fletcher

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Make Me German - Adam Fletcher

Adam Fletcher tells us about his teutonic adventures and explains why he loves the Germans so much! This dual-language, German-English, book is perfect for both language learning Ausländers and international Germans. Lovingly written, with a lot of humour without the usual national clichés.

Some of the highlights from the book:

  • 8 integration challenges – It's Adam vs Mitfahgelegenheit, The Deutsche Bahn, Schützenfest, Schlager, German TV, Mallorca, Nordic Walking, The German Alltag and German Bureaucracy. Unfortunately, I rarely win.
  • New How to Be German steps – Every chapter ends with shorter, list style content in the style of How to be German. Enjoy - "The seven commandments of German Television" and "How to be German on holiday".
  • A Kartoffelsalat recipe – Adam's German GF Annett's family's "super secret but also frustratingly vague" Kartoffelsalat recipe is included in the book. Why? Good question...
  • German customer service – Helping you navigate the minefield of hostility that is German Customer Service. A guide presented from both the customer and the employee's perspective.
  • How German are you? Quiz – A book version of the hit The German Quiz, featuring twelve new questions. Are you typisch Deutsch or do you dance to your own unique cultural tune? Now you can find out.
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    12 x 2.8 x 18.7 cm

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    1 Jan. 2015

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    Verlag Ullstein

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