Practice Makes Perfect: Latin Verb Tenses, Second Edition

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Practice Makes Perfect: Latin Verb Tenses, Second Edition by Richard E.Prior

If, as the immortal Ovid wrote, abeunt studia in mores ("earnest study passes into habit"), then meditor planto perficio ("practice makes perfect")!

This workbook, authored by the late professor Richard Prior, offers the practice necessary to master Latin verbs--regular or irregular--with their tenses. The verbs are presented in context in 21 units. With more than 190 exercises, you will build conjugation skills and learn when and why to use different word tenses--paving the way to building sentences.

Inside you will find:

  • 193 exercises
  • 20-exercise review section
  • A handy Glossary--Latin-English; English--Latin for quick reference

Practice Makes Perfect: Latin Verb Tenses - About the Author

Richard Prior was chair of the Department of Classics at Furman University (Greenville, SC) from 2009 until his death. He was the author of five books on learning Latin, including 501 Latin Verbs (Barron's), a book that almost every student of the language possesses.

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    29 July 2013

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