Russian: From Intermediate to Advanced

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Russian From Intermediate to Advanced

by Olga E. Kagan, Kudyma S. Anna, Frank J. Miller

Russian: From Intermediate to Advanced is a vibrant and modern course designed to help students achieve advanced proficiency in Russian. Offering a flexible modular approach structured around contemporary themes, the course further develops reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills while also expanding the student’s cultural literacy.

Key features include:

  • Structured chapters presenting a wide assortment of readings that include blogs, forums and surveys as well as opinion pieces and commentaries. Each text is accompanied by assignments with increasing levels of difficulty.
  • Authentic and up-to-date readings, video and audio excerpts covering a range of relevant social and cultural topics, including Demography, Youth Culture, Politics and Society, Economics and Globalization.
  • Video clips from news programs that are used not only to develop listening comprehension but also introduce students to contemporary Russian society.
  • Particular attention to helping students acquire advanced vocabulary and the ability to converse, discuss and argue about issues with extended paragraph-length discourse.
  • Special focus on the development of strong listening and reading comprehension skills, ensuring that students understand the ideas and supporting details in narrative and descriptive texts and connected discourse.
  • A free companion website at offering student and instructor video and audio resources, sample syllabi and tests as well as additional materials.

Written by a highly experienced author team that has co-authored the first year Russian textbook Beginner’s Russian (2010) and the second-year textbook V Puti (2005). Russian: From Intermediate to Advanced will be an essential resource for undergraduate students in their third and fourth year of Russian language study. It is also suitable for independent learners and heritage learners of Russian who have mastered literacy and are familiar with the grammatical structure of Russian.

About the Authors

Olga E. Kagan is Professor andCoordinator of the Russian Language Program at UCLA, USA.

Anna S. Kudyma is Lecturer in Russian and Ukrainian and Teaching Assistant Supervisor at UCLA, USA.

Frank J. Miller is Professor and Coordinator of the Russian Language Program at Columbia University and Barnard College, USA.

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    29th August 2014.

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