La vita è tutta un quiz

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La vita è tutta un quiz - Federica Ferrieri / Laura Zambianchi

"600 quiz di lingua e cultura italiana dall'A2 al C2".

A rich and captivating text for learning Italian as a foreign language which crosses Italy from North to South, proposing a real didactic journey in the form of a quiz, for levels A2 to C2.

The central thread of the volume is represented by ten Italian characters (real or fictional), engaged in various important creative or working fields. A chapter of the book is dedicated to each of them and to their region: 60 quiz tests able to test anyone on the many areas of "Italian knowledge" (language, spelling, sports, painting, food and wine, places, etc.).

Just like a real pleasure trip, there is no obligatory journey: you can start the book from wherever you want. It is sufficient to master a basic level of Italian (A2) to be able to face the quizzes, challenge yourself or your friends and learn something more about the wonders of the beautiful country.

The playful and engaging approach of the text fits perfectly with the ever growing interest in learning the Italian language through the discovery of the inexhaustible culture of the country and the events that have involved it and continue to impact it.

The book is ideal for warm-up activities (but also for extension and cool-down tasks), for presenting an Italian region and its qualities, or as a pretext to revise a grammatical structure.

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    14 x 1.4 x 21 cm

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    Graded Reader/Easy Reader

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    1 June 2021

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    Loescher Editore

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