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Teach Yourself Living in France by Monique Perceau


Looking for a guide to the practicalities of living in France?  Whether you need to know how to find a plumber, what the mairie is there for or how to get permission to renovate, this practical illustrated book is for you.  And its accompanying CD gives you all the language skills you need to communicate with the locals. 

It is estimated that at least half a million Brits now own houses in France and that around 100,000 are buying, looking for, or at least thinking seriously about, a (second) home in France.

Every home owner has to go through the process of searching for property and buying it; most new and existing owners will be renovating or redecorating at some point and this will involve dealing with tradesmen and/or suppliers. For this, these homebuyers will need to understand at least the basics of French property law, house construction, building, plumbing, electrical systems etc, and they need to know not only the words but how the systems work. Living in France gives the explanations and vocabulary for each aspect of finding, buying, renovating and living in a house in France. 

In addition to approximately 120 labelled illustrations, the book has a CD which gives the pronunciation and practice of the necessary vocabulary.

This is an updated version of Teach Yourself French for Homebuyers.

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    24 Jun 2011

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