20 curiosidades: historias sorprendentes de los hispanohablantes y de su lengua

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20 curiosidades: historias sorprendentes de los hispanohablantes y de su lengua, Nivel A1+/A2

Flexibound, 112 pages + audio download and PDFs (122 mins; accent: Castilian, various Latin American countries)

20 curiosidades: historias sorprendentes de los hispanohablantes y de su lengua is a very special book of Hispanic culture because behind each story you will discover something fabulous and wonderful. Some of these 'curiosities' are part of your daily life. What you don't know yet is that their origins are in the culture of Spanish speakers and in their language, Spanish. It can be a word, a food, a drawing, a historical character, a place…Through the medium of 20 mini-texts you will discover in a fun way a surprising facet of the history of Spain and its relationship with Latin America. Will you join us on this journey?

20 curiosidades is aimed at false beginners in Spanish and is an ideal resource to help the learner advance to a lower intermediate level. The text for each of the 20 curiosidades is clearly narrated on the audio component (MP3 audio download) and transcribed word-for-word in the accompanying book. With the book you will learn a lot of useful vocabulary and, at the end of each block, you will find a glossary with the most difficult words translated into 5 languages: English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese. Each text is complemented by pre-reading activities, to contextualize and facilitate reading, and activities to do after reading. There are also exercises on the grammar and vocabulary of the text which cover the four key skills of oral and written expression and reading and listening comprehension.

The answers to the exercises in the book are available in PDF format from this link.

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