Bitácora - Nueva edición: Cuaderno de ejercicios + MP3 descargable 3 (B1)

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Bitácora - Nueva edición: Cuaderno de ejercicios + MP3 descargable 3 (B1)

Following the highly successful course Gente, Difusión has developed Bitácora, by the same authors. Bitácora is contemporary and task-based and is suitable for courses of 60 to 80 hours. Each of the 12 units is complemented by a short clip available on YouTube. Bitácora has a communicative approach, interesting texts, great activities for pair and group work, and is also suitable for individual learning.

The level 3 exercise book contains around 40 activities per unit to enable students to consolidate their understanding of the content covered in the student's book. The exercises featured focus on grammar, phonetics, pronunciation, listening comprehension and writing tasks. In addition to this, there are also activities designed specifically to help students revise the most important groups of vocabulary in each unit. Furthermore, the workbook includes exercises relating to the video clips presented at the end of each unit. Some of the tasks are designed to be carried out individually, whilst others lend themselves to group work within the classroom.

The audio tracks for the level 3 exercise book can be downloaded for free by clicking on the following link and downloading the ZIP file:

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