Bitácora - Nueva edición: Libro del alumno + MP3 descargable 3 (B1)

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Bitácora - Nueva edición: Libro del alumno + MP3 descargable 3 (B1)

Following the highly successful course Gente, Difusión has developed Bitácora, by the same authors. Bitácora is contemporary and task-based and is suitable for courses of 60 to 80 hours. Each of the 12 units is complemented by a short clip available on YouTube. Bitácora has a communicative approach, interesting texts, great activities for pair and group work, and is also suitable for individual learning.

The level 3 Student's book features the following new sections:

'Punto de partida' - This uses lexical mind maps and video clips as a means of introducing the topic that will be covered in each chapter.

'Dosier' - A double-page spread presenting a piece of text and its accompanying activities.

'Agenda de aprendizaje' - This appears after the 'Dosier' section in each unit. It includes links to additional exercises in the Workbook.

'Taller de uso' - This contains activities that will assess students' grasp of the topics covered in each unit.

'Archivo de léxico' - This includes exercises designed specifically to practise the vocabulary presented in each chapter.

'Proyectos' - This section concludes each unit and highlights the final tasks.

At the back of the book there is a comprehensive grammar summary, an extensive dictionary of verb constructions, plus a section that will help students prepare for the DELE B1 exam (featuring practice questions and useful exam-related advice).

The audio files for the level 3 Student's book can be downloaded for free by clicking on the following link and downloading the ZIP file:

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