El mundo en español - Libro de cultura y civilización, Nivel A - Junior

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El mundo en español - Libro de cultura y civilización, Nivel A - Junior (11-14 años)

Paperback 80 pages, CD-ROM (55 mins, accent: Castilian, various Latin American countries)

El mundo en español, nivel A, from publishers HABLA CON EÑE, is a must for all fans of Punto y Coma, the bi-monthly audio magazine for speakers of Spanish, as this new audio book takes many of the best articles from past issues of the magazine together with specially commissioned new articles and adapts them specifically for learners with a complete beginner level in Spanish (A1 level of the Common European Framework for Languages).

El mundo en español, Nivel A - Junior - Created for Spanish Beginner Learners

El mundo en español, Nivel A - Junior is a book for complete beginners in Spanish especially older children in secondary education but will also be of appeal to adult self-learners just starting out in the language. This book is designed as a method for teaching language and culture and for self-study. Through a series of articles on the culture, history and customs of Spanish-speaking countries learners will learn basic concepts such as how to introduce yourself in Spanish, how to express likes and dislikes, how to talk about what you like doing and how to talk about daily routines. The book contains more than 10 readings with activities to consolidate learning and key vocabulary and explanations of grammatical structures to help the student absorb the content.

El mundo en español, Nivel A - Junior - Listen to the articles narrated on the CD

All the articles in the book are beautifully narrated on the accompanying CD-ROM (as MP3 audio) and give the listener fantastic exposure to a wide variety of clearly enunciated Spanish accents. In addition, the CD-ROM contains PDFs of one of the articles, all the learning activities that accompany each article and, lastly, extra listening comprehension exercises not found in the book.

Level of Spanish: A

Key to the Council of Europe’s Common Reference for Languages:

  • A1: Novice
  • A2: Intermediate
  • B1: Advanced Low
  • B2: Advanced Medium
  • C1: Advanced High
  • C2: Superior
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    March 2013

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    55 minutes

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