Gramática y enseñanza de español

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Gramática y enseñanza de español - Carmen Aguirre

From the publishers of Punto y Coma Spanish audio magazine, Gramática y enseñanza de español is a refreshing and innovative new self-study grammar course to learn Spanish grammar from scratch or to improve your grammar further.

Perfect for intermediate and advanced Spanish language learners (ACTFL Assessment Levels Intermediate High-Distringuished), this Spanish grammar guide compiles all of the grammar topics covered in Punto y Coma audio magazine over the course of more than 10 years and 75 issues. This course focuses on the most difficult aspects of Spanish grammar for learners of Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE). The simple yet detailed explanations make this book an ideal resource for both students and teachers.

Topics include:

  • The use of ser and estar
  • The alternation between the indicative and the subjunctive in different types of sentences
  • Verbs and prepositions
  • The difference between the perfect and the imperfect tenses
  • The use of the prepositions por and para

The 29 topics covered are organised into 6 groups:

  • Las clases de palabras
  • Sintaxis y usos verbales
  • Morfología
  • Léxico
  • Normativa
  • Discurso.
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    20 May 2019

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    Habla con Eñe

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