Il sangue di San Gennaro

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Il sangue di San Gennaro - Sandro Nanetti

Italian Easy Reader. Paperback, 64 pages. Level B1.

Compelling and original crime-fiction for learners of Italian. A series of readers for beginners and intermediate level students, providing gradual progression in vocabulary and grammar. Each story is set in today's Italy and includes additional cultural and linguistic notes as well as a variety of comprehension and language-based exercises. Each book is also complete with a complimentary audio version of the story, downloadable in MP3 format.

Commissario De Angelis returns to Naples for the Miracle of San Gennaro but the blood of the ancient saint is not the only blood to be found...


Il commissario De Angelis torna a Napoli per qualche giorno per assistere al miracolo di San Gennaro. Ma il sangue del santo non sarà l’unico a scorrere…

  • Trama originale e avvincente per una lettura appassionante. 
  • Lettura con una progressione lessicale e grammaticale adatta al livello B1. 
  • Note linguistiche e culturali. Attività variate per praticare la comprensione, la produzione e il lessico. 
  • Lettura teatralizzata (download mp3).
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    145x195 mm

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    Graded Reader/Easy Reader

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    May 2015

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    Casa delle lingue

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