El mundo en español - Lecturas de cultura y civilización, Nivel A2, 6th Edition

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El mundo en español - Lecturas de cultura y civilización - Nivel A2, 6th Edition

Paperback, 152 pages + audio download/or audio CD (79 mins; accent: Castilian, various Latin American Countries).

El mundo en español - Lecturas de cultura y civilización is the missing piece of the jigsaw for fans of Punto y Coma, the bi-monthly audio magazine for speakers of Spanish, as this audio book takes 23 of the best articles from past issues of the magazine and adapts them especially for learners with a basic foundation in Spanish (A2 level of the Common European Framework for Languages).

El mundo en español - Created for Beginners in Spanish

El mundo en español gives you all the immediacy and excitement of Punto y Coma with features, reportage and articles on art, literature, music, cinema, traditional customs, travelogues, sports, and science from Spain and Latin America. With El mundo en español, the basic foundation learner gets a really good introduction to contemporary life across the Spanish-speaking world as well as the richness and linguistic variety of the language.

In addition, each article comes with language and culture exercises designed to test your comprehension and help you better express yourself in Spanish. Every page has difficult words explained in Spanish. There are also glossaries from Spanish into English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese available as a PDF download (see below).

El mundo en español - Listen to the articles narrated as MP3 download or CD

All the articles in the book are beautifully narrated on the audio MP3 download (or the optional audio CD) which also gives the listener fantastic exposure to a wide variety of Spanish accents.


  • Mon Laferte
  • J.A. Bayona
  • Penélope Cruz
  • Migrantes en el siglo XXI
  • Miami, la capital de América Latina
  • Medellín
  • Redes sociales para principiantes
  • Pasión por el downhill, una mujer en un deporte de riesgo
  • Mochileros

El mundo en español - Answers 

The complete answers to the exercises are available in PDF format from this link.

Glossaries from Spanish into English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese in PDF format from this link.

NB If ordering the book with MP3 download option, please set up an an account at check out (rather than using the guest check out option) so that you can subsequently log in to your customer account to download the audio. You will receive a separate email shortly from us after purchase letting you know when your audio is ready to download.

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