French for Reading and Translation, 1st Edition

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French for Reading and Translation, 1st Edition, by Shannon R. Becker

French for Reading and Translation is a comprehensive introduction to French grammar and vocabulary for those who want to learn to read and understand French, either to conduct academic research or to experience French literature in its original form.

Rather than explaining every grammatical concept in tedious detail, the book gives easy-to-follow explanations followed by abundant examples and opportunities to see the language in use. It encourages readers to learn vocabulary by showing them how to break it down and how to recognize related words. It gives learners the opportunity to use various reading strategies as they apply this newfound knowledge to the French passages provided.

An engaging guide that will help readers decode the intricacies of the French language, this is an ideal resource for graduate students and researchers consulting French sources.

French for Reading and Translation - Table of Contents

Preliminary Chapter: Reading strategies, cognates, and pronunciation; 1: Nouns, articles, and prepositions; 2: Subjects and verbs, present tense, questions; 3: Adjectives and adverbs; 4: More determiners; 5: The imperfect and the compound past; 6: Reflexive and reciprocal verbs; 7: Direct and indirect object pronouns; 8: Relative and interrogative pronouns; 9: Demonstrative, possessive, and disjunctive pronouns; 10: Future tense and conditional mood; 11: Impersonal expressions and obligation; 12: Present participles, past participles, and infinitives; 13: Simple past; 14: More compound tenses; 15: Common idiomatic and academic constructions

French for Reading and Translation - About the Author

Shannon R. Becker is Assistant Professor of French at Northern Illinois University, USA.

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