HABLA A1 Spanish Online Course / Curso online de español

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HABLA A1 Spanish Online Course / Curso online de español

HABLA is the new Spanish online method for beginners (A1). This Spanish course is based on students’ participation in ordinary real-life situations.

UNITS 1-15 include: 15 episodes of the comic series Spanish Sitcom, 47 videos to learn vocabulary, 100 dialogues, 250 interactive and correctible exercises.

Course duration: Each set of 5 lessons takes about 35 hours to complete, and about 105 hours for an entire level of 15 units. The numbers of

hours is approximate, and depends on each student, and varies according to the difficulty of the units. The first units are easier in order to avoid frustrating students. At the end of each set of 5 units there is a self-evaluation exam.

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Purchase conditions:

  • Please note that only one user can log-in at a time.
  • Students may request a change to a level that better matches their ability, as long as the request is made within 48 hours after the time of purchase.

HABLA A1 Spanish Online Course / Curso online de español - Contents

  1. Presentations. Greetings and saying goodbye. Verbs llamarse, ser y conocer.
  2. Greetings: asking for and giving personal information. The verb estar.
  3. Nationalities and countries. Giving and asking for personal information about place of origin, quantities, etc. Verbshablar and entender.
  4. The family. Family nouns. The plural of nouns and adjectives. Verbs vivir and tener.
  5. Names of things and daily actions. Providing and asking for information about things and where things are…, and self-assessment test.
  6. Name of rooms, furniture and household items. Verbs of everyday life. Modal verbs: quererpodernecesitar
  7. Nouns/adjectives indicating professions and places of work. Verbs for the professions. Ask for the cause and purpose…
  8. Nouns related to the measure of time (hour, day, month…). Telephone conversations. Verbs used for entertaining.
  9. Plans and obligations. Nouns and verbs related to leisure and fun. Days of the week, months of the year. Expressing obligation…
  10. Housework and related tasks. Frequency adverbs. Verbs in plural. Expressing duration of the actions…, and self-assessment test.
  11. The weather. Seasons and climates. The means of transport. The expression of taste (verbs gustarencantar and preferir). Indirect object pronouns. Weather-related words: tiempo, clima, calor, frío, lluvia, niebla, viento, sol.
  12. Clothing and colors. Reflexive verbs. Keep and bear with clothes. Adjectives of appearance. Verbs used with clothing. Atonic pronouns.
  13. Foods and food shops. Meals in a day. Request information on prices and other verbs used when shopping.
  14. At the restaurant. Food and dishes. Names of meals and drinks. Express our tastes in food. Adjectives of praise.
  15. At the hotel. Nouns and verbs related to the environment of the hotel. Types of lodging. Request and receive information on hotels…, and self-assessment test.

HABLA A1 Spanish Online Course / Curso online de español - About the publishers

Since 2006 Habla con Eñe have published award-winning language courses and cultural resources for learners of Spanish as a foreign language from their offices in Madrid and Barcelona. Their products are also used extensively by teachers of Spanish in over 20 countries worldwide.

Level of Spanish: A1

Key to the Council of Europe’s Common Reference for Languages:

  • A1: Novice
  • A2: Intermediate
  • B1: Advanced Low
  • B2: Advanced Medium
  • C1: Advanced High
  • C2: Superior

HABLA A1 v Spanish Sitcom A1 - What are the differences?

  • The online course offers you complementary sections for each lesson: Vocabulary, Practical usage and Pronunciation
  • Supplementary videos to help you learn (47 videos for Habla A1)
  • 100 additional audio dialogues
  • Practice what you have learned with more than 250 interactive and self-correcting exercises
  • Test your pronunciation with a microphone and compare it with the audio samples
  • More than 50 hours of work
  • Study Spanish whenever and wherever you have an internet connection. Works on tablets and mobile devices.
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    March 2016

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    Habla con Eñe

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