I Come Italia: Aspetti di civiltà Italiana - Libro Dello Studente (Nuova Edizione) + CD

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I come Italia: Aspetti di civiltà - italiana Libro dello studente (Nuova Edizione) + CD - G Cremonesi

I COME ITALIA-Nuova Edizione is the updated version of a successful book that deals with Italian culture and society. It has been completely renewed in terms of design and presents a significant and realistic overview of today's Italy, allowing the user to focus on an intermediate B1 level of grammar. This volume is ideal for self-study and can complement any course of Italian.

The book includes 20 dossiers, which are divided into 3 sections:

  • Italy in general: offers a vision of Italian geography, of its most famous places and people.
  • Society: Modern Italy is presented in all of its aspects, from its youth, its workers, family and school, to its ecology and voluntary work. Not to mention sport, the "new Italians" and many other things.
  • Customs and traditions: What are the habits of Italians? Where do they go on holiday? What do they do at Christmas? A wide ranging and detailed portrait of the habits of modern Italians, together with information about traditions, fashion, cinema, and Italian cuisine.

Also included: audio CD with text recordings.

A new edition of the teacher's guide, downloadable in PDF format, offers practical advice on how to use I COME ITALIA-Nuova Edizione in the best way. The guide also includes extra exercises.

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    February 2018

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    ELI Publishing

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