Aula América 2 Libro del alumno + ejercicios + MP3 descargable 2 (A2)

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Aula América 2 Libro del alumno + ejercicios + MP3 descargable 2 (A2) - Carmen Soriano

'Aula América' aims to provide students and teachers with a greater insight into the linguistic and cultural reality of Latin America. It will present learners with grammatical, lexical and phonetic variations that exist in Latin American Spanish, and invites students and teachers to respect them whilst they reflect upon the cultural diversity of nineteen countries united by their language.

Designed for adults, 'Aula América' is modelled on the best-selling course 'Aula Internacional - Nueva edición', thus presenting a complete manual for each level that integrates a Student's book, a Workbook, an illustrated glossary, an extensive grammar summary and a table of regular and irregular verbs in the same volume.

It retains a task-based approach throughout, making the classroom the perfect setting for learning the language.

The entire audio content plus a wealth of free resources (for both students and teachers) relating to this course can be accessed for free via the publisher's online platform ( ).

Favouring a task-based approach, the level 2 manual features varied activities that account for students' different learning styles. Presenting language in a clear and attractive manner throughout, it succeeds in striking a balance between understanding, production and interaction. Furthermore, each of the units presents a video plus numerous audio tracks (all accessible for free via ). The Student's book and Workbook are combined in the same volume for ease of use.

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    January 2019

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