Os sons do português - André Zampaulo

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Os sons do português - André Zampaulo

uma introdução prática à fonética e à pronúncia da língua portuguesa

Os sons do português is a practical introduction to the phonetics and pronunciation of Portuguese, with a focus on the sound patterns of Portuguese from a non-theoretical perspective.

Written entirely in Portuguese, the book addresses the correspondence between sounds and spelling rules, syllabic structure and stress patterns of the language, as well as an introduction to phonetic notation, terminology, and transcription.

Key features:

  • Easy-to-follow organization, with gradual development from introductory to advanced material to build on students’ pre-existing knowledge of Portuguese pronunciation.
  • A range of activities, including descriptive and audio-visual exercises based on examples from cultural products of Portuguese-speaking communities.
  • Illustrative descriptions and audio-visual samples of the main dialects of the Lusophone world, particularly from Brazil and Portugal.
  • Online access to audio files that accompany the text.

This is an ideal resource for non-native and heritage speakers of Portuguese at level B2–C2 of the Common European Framework for Languages, and Intermediate High–Advanced High on the ACTFL proficiency scales.


Capítulo 1: Introdução

Capítulo 2: A ortografia e os sons

Capítulo 3: A sílaba e o acento

Capítulo 4: O fonema e os alofones

Capítulo 5: As vogais do português

Capítulo 6: As consoantes do português

Capítulo 7: Resumo e considerações finais




Os sons do português by André Zampaulo - About the Author

André Zampaulo is Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese Linguistics at California State University, Fullerton, USA.

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    1 Oct. 2018

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