Practice Makes Perfect: Arabic Verb Tenses, Premium Second Edition

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Practice Makes Perfect: Arabic Verb Tenses, Premium Second Edition by Jane Wightwick

Practice your way to Arabic fluency with this bestselling language guide!

For learners looking to memorize Arabic verb conjugations, any Arabic verb book will do. But for those that are interested in becoming fluent, they need to learn how these language building blocks come together in the language. Practice Makes Perfect: Arabic Verb Tenses, 2nd Edition goes beyond other verb books to coach you when and why verb tenses are used. 

In addition to an array of fully conjugated verbs, you'll find clear and concise explanations that pinpoint why specific tenses work in given situations as well as tons of engaging examples and numerous skill-building exercises. 

Practice Makes Perfect: Arabic Verb Tenses, 2nd Edition provides: 

  • An accessible introduction to the basics of Arabic 
  • Contemporary usage of verbs, adjectives, pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions, and other grammar essentials 
  • Clear examples that reflect up-to-date usage and real-life situations
  • An answer key for reference and quick feedback 
  • Example sentences illustrating and clarifying each grammatical point
  • Practical and frequently used Arabic vocabulary 
  • Native-speaker recordings of all example sentences from the book, available via the -McGraw-Hill Education Language app

About the author(s)

Jane Wightwick and Mahmoud Gaafar are highly experienced authors of language-learning materials, specializing in Arabic.

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    304 pages

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    7th January 2019

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    McGraw Hill

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