Would They Lie to You? How to Spin Friends and Manipulate People

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Would They Lie to You? How to Spin Friends and Manipulate People by Robert Hutton

How do you apologise when you're not sorry? Where can you make a fortune out of pretending to know the future? What's the best way to steal credit and avoid blame? Revealing the subtle art of 'uncommunication', Would They Lie to You? is a treasure trove of the vital life skills that you need to make your way in the world. They all involve one ingredient: the art of not saying what you mean. It's not exactly lying, but it's not quite telling the truth...

In areas from politics to sport, academia and business, it seems that glory, money and power flow far more freely to those who succeed in sidestepping life's bald, ugly realities. But with just a little understanding and a few key phrases, anyone can master the fine art of 'uncommunication'. In Romps, Tots and Boffins: The Strange Language of News, Robert Hutton brilliantly 'laid bare' the true meanings of the words we read in the papers. Following popular demand, he now turns his razor-sharp eye to the waffle, fudging, obscurity, blame-shifting and point-scoring that separate the winners from the losers in every aspect of public life. You can steer a truck through the gap between a lie and the simple truth. This book tells you how to load the truck.

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    4 Sep 2014

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    Elliott & Thomas

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