Fluentish: Language Learning Planner and Journal

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Fluentish: Language Learning Planner and Journal by Jo Franco

Everyone is capable of learning a language... the secret is knowing how to learn.

  • Struggling to find a logical pathway through all those books, apps, and foreign films?
  • Frustrated by your lack of progress?
  • Easily lose motivation?

Netflix travel host, serial language learner, and lifelong journaler, Jo Franco has combined a powerful framework and inspiring journal to make the path to fluency achievable, meaningful and, joyful.

The first half of this simple guide provides a practical blueprint to help you plan and organize your learning while developing skills and good habits for success. It includes all the tools you need: goal setting, habit tracking, a clever workspace area to jot down and summarize notes, sections for vocabulary lists, verb tables, and more.

The second half guides you through over 60 journal prompts in a range of thought-provoking topics that will build both your self-awareness and language awareness. You will be able to identify language gaps, practice what you've learned and start writing your story in anew language.

Through journaling, you will connect both emotionally and logically to your target language which will create context based on your unique outlook on the world. This 'emotional learning' style will use memory and feeling to help you engage authentically with your study material and grow your fluency one entry at a time. The Fluentish method creates a mind-body connection to take your learning off the page and into the real world.

Whether you're learning your first or your fifth language, in the classroom or on your own, The Fluentish Language Learning Planner and Journal is the ideal companion to keep you organized, interested, and progressing in a new language. As Jo says, journaling in a new language is like hiding the vitamins in the brownie: you learn a language while embarking on the ever-fascinating quest for self discovery.

Teach Yourself is dedicated to giving you the skills to be a better, happier learner. Our courses have been trusted by language learners for over 85 years.

Open yourself to endless possibilities. Love. Work. Travel. Friendship. Cultural curiosity. Brain Training. The road is yours. @TYOpenRoad.

Fluentish: Language Learning Planner and Journal - About the Author

Jo Franco is a Netflix travel host, podcaster, filmmaker, writer, and founder of JoClub, a global online journaling community. She has been documenting her language learning process and travels on social media for several years, acquiring over 1 million followers across several platforms. She currently speaks six languages, and uses multilingualism as a way to connect to the world to tell authentic stories about humanity.

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    9 Nov. 2023

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