Grammatica Italiana ELi: Libro studente + ELI LINK App

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Grammatica Italiana ELi: Libro studente + ELI LINK App - Laura Berrettini / Giusy Pistelli

An in-depth grammar in full colour with online audio, ideal for secondary school students and adults, that presents grammar structures in a clear and highly visual way. The book makes the most of exercises, cultural texts, audio tracks, and more playful games and class activities to enhance and enrich the learning process. The use of tables, diagrams, and contextualized examples throughout make the concepts and rules easy to understand, whether learning in class groups or independently. (Near beginners to Upper intermediate levels, CEFR A2-B2).

The book consists of an introductory unit, which recaps basic A1 level grammar, and 20 complete units, each focussed on a fundamental element of a sentence: the verb. Starting from the verb, adjectives, nouns, adverbs and everything needed to communicate effectively are then examined. Each unit begins with an illustrated comic (with audio accompaniment) that presents and contextualizes the topic in an immediate and engaging way using real, everyday Italian.

Technical terms are reduced to a minimum in order to make the explanations clear and simple to understand. The book provides over 300 exercises and 145 audio tracks for thorough practise and revision of the language in communicative contexts. The grammar rules are presented through texts about Italian current affairs and traditions, in order to unify language and civilization.

Answers to the exercises and the audio transcripts are provided at the end of the book to aid independent study. A final section of grammar tables offers a useful summary of the topics for quick reference.

Digital resources:

Extra exercises (on the publisheer's website) and online MP3 audio. The audio tracks can be downloaded from the publisher's website and via the ELI-LINK App for smartphones and tablets. The audio tracks include verb conjugations and article declensions, nouns and adjectives, written texts, and a range of comprehension and revision exercises.

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    22 marzo 2022

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    ELI Publishing

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