Qua e là per l'Italia

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Qua e là per l'Italia - Linda Cusimano, Luciana Ziglio

Book + Audio download. Level B1.

Qua e là per l'Italia presents the customs, traditions, geography and culture of Italy by taking a journey through its 20 regions. It is aimed at intermediate (B1) level students who wish to progress to an advanced (C1) level. Each chapter has authentic texts from a variety of sources (newspapers, magazines, books, the internet and recorded interviews) which highlight specific aspects of that region followed by exercises which test students' listening and reading comprehension and their written and oral skills. Students are also encouraged to reflect upon and discuss independently intercultural themes.

The answers to the activities are included, and the audio download contains 20 interviews.

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    25 July 2017

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    Alma Edizioni

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