Russian in a Contemporary World, A Textbook for Intermediate Russian, 1st Edition

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Russian in a Contemporary World, A Textbook for Intermediate Russian, 1st Edition by Elena Simms, Tatiana Romanova

Russian in a Contemporary World is an intermediate textbook with a focus on improving oral and written skills of the Russian language by encouraging students’ creative potential with their use of language in a contemporary society, such as media, TV, art, and technology.

Key features of the textbook include:

  • Use of original texts and application of material by choosing topics which reflect the students’ general interests, according to a survey conducted among Humanities undergraduates and which are essential for students of Russian language, culture, and society;
  • Practical skills: the textbook allows students to process primary text sources, summarising, writing, and  expressing their views on certain sociopolitical issues;
  • Raises issues which are being widely discussed in present-day Russia and introduces trends in the development of  modern Russian society;
  • Providing feedback: students can check their work against answer keys that feature in a number of exercises as well as find discussions on different grammatical topics in the Appendix.

Aimed at B1-B2 and Intermediate-Mid students of Russian, this is the ideal textbook for those aiming to improve their Russian whilst gaining knowledge of contemporary Russian culture and society. With answer keys and grammar topics included, the textbook is also ideal for independent study.

Russian in a Contemporary World, A Textbook for Intermediate Russian - About the Author

Elena Simms is Language Tutor of Russian in the University Language Centre and in the Department of Russian and East European Studies at The University of Manchester. She previously taught at Moscow State University where her academic career began in 1995. She holds a PhD in Russian as a Foreign Language from the Pushkin State Russian Language Institute in Moscow. Her current area of focus is the methodology of teaching Russian as a foreign language with an interest in communicative, innovative language teaching and learning at university level.

Tatiana Romanova is Senior Language Tutor in Russian at RUDN University, Moscow, Philological Faculty, Department of the Russian Language and Teaching Methods. She is a graduate from Lomonosov Moscow State University and is the author of numerous textbooks on teaching Russian as a foreign language. Her main interests are linguistics, multi-culturalism and literature.

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