Speed Up Your German: Strategies to Avoid Common Errors

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Speed Up Your German: Strategies to Avoid Common Errors Paperback by Annemarie Künzl-Snodgrass, Silke Mentchen

Speed Up Your German is a unique and innovative resource that identifies and explains the errors most commonly made by learners of German, enabling students to learn from their mistakes while enhancing their understanding of the German language.

Each of the twelve chapters focuses on a grammatical category where English speakers typically make mistakes. Each point is clearly explained and exemplified with a range of exercises to reinforce learning.

Key features:

  • An emphasis on the areas where students most commonly make mistakes makes this an efficient learning and revision tool
  • Exercises throughout encourage learners to play an active role in identifying the rules, allowing learners to internalize the main rules more readily
  • A complete answer key to assist with self-study

Suitable both for classroom use or self-study, Speed Up Your German is the ideal resource for all intermediate learners of German wishing to refine their language skills.

Speed Up Your German: Strategies to Avoid Common Errors - About the Author:

Annemarie Künzl-Snodgrass and Silke Mentchen are both Senior Language Teaching Officers at the University of Cambridge, UK.

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    27 Mar. 2017

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    Routledge, First Edition

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