Live German: The Ultimate Language Learning Experience

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Live German: The Ultimate Language Learning Experience

One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.

-Frank Smith, psycholinguist

Live German brings together Teach Yourself's three international bestselling language courses in one package along with online and reference materials:

1. Complete German - a beginner to intermediate coursebook with audio that will form the basis of your studies

2. Get Talking and Keep Talking - bite size audio lessons to improve fluency and comprehension in your speaking and listening

3. Enjoy German - take your language skills to an intermediate/upper intermediate level with this book and audio course

4. Reference CD-ROM - support your studies with this comprehensive reference resource for grammar, verbs and vocabulary

With an expertly written learning guide, you can immerse yourself in the language and reach your goals with a clear plan of how to organize and blend your learning. Move along a standard or accelerated path depending on your learning needs. With the CDs, you can download the MP3 audio files to your computer and put them on your MP3 player or smartphone or play the discs in an MP3-compatible CD player.

Live German includes a flexible, blended approach to solve the problems most learners struggle with:

- One book is never enoughLive German provides all the material you need to properly learn German and make it stick.

- I'm not a good language learnerLive German includes an expertly written learning guide and journal to structure your learning so you succeed.

- I get bored with just a book. Live German includes books, audio courses, and online learning to appeal to every type of learner.

There's never enough practice or consolidation, so I don't remember what I learnLive German includes the equivalent amount of material and practice to qualify you for the Foreign Service Institute's German General Professional Proficiency.

-I get discouraged when I don't see my progressLive German's learning journal provides a study pathway for you to follow across all the courses so your progression is visible and logical.

Live German...because it's the only way to really learn a language.

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    22.8 x 4.8 x 29.4 cm

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    Oct 2015

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    Hodder Education

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