Via della Grammatica for English Speakers

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Via della Grammatica for English Speakers - Mina Ricci

Lessons, exercises, tests and authentic material for Italian learners. Beginner-intermediate Level (A1-B2).

Via della Grammatica for English speakers is a practical and essential full colour grammar. Each of the 40 units deals with one or more grammatical phenomena and presents fun and exciting activities. Also, students can check their progress via a revision test every 5 units.

In compliance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, Via della Grammatica is designed for beginner to intermediate level students. It deals with all the essential grammar points such as nouns, articles, adjectives, pronouns, (personal, demonstrative, possessive, direct, indirect, relative, combined, indefinite, interrogative), ci and ne, prepositions, present tense, reflexive pronouns, past tenses, conditional tense, subjunctive, sequence of tenses, infinitive, gerund, participle, conditional tenses, passive voice, direct and indirect speech, etc.

Unlike other grammar books for foreign learners, Via della Grammatica not only deals with grammar topics, it also covers themes related to Italian culture. As we all know, this is vitally important in increasing interest and motivation when teaching grammar!

  • Morphosyntactic structures are presented in clear and concise tables, which reflect standard and practical use of grammar rules.
  • Vocabulary is introduced gradually and reflects modern Italian. In some cases new semantic groups are accompanied by images to facilitate the learning process.
  • Authentic texts on a range of cultural, literary and everyday topics provide the students with the opportunity to enrich and widen their knowledge of Italian society, history and civilisation.
  • The volume is completed by the exercise answer key, which makes it suitable for self learners as well.
  • All instructions and grammar explanations are in English
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    March 2011

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    Edilingua Pantelis Marin

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