Arrivederci!: Libro + CD Audio 1 - for English Speakers

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Arrivederci! Libro + CD Audio 1 - for English Speakers

Federica Colombo, Cinzia Faraci, Pierpaolo De Luca

Multimedia course of Italian language for foreigners (A1).

Arrivederci! is a modern and communicative language course for adults and young adults (ages 16 and older) with or without previous knowledge of Italian language. With a slow and gradual progression, Arrivederci! is also suitable for students who have never studied a foreign language. It consists of three volumes covering respectively levels A1, A2 and B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Each volume includes the Student’s book, the Workbook and the audio CD. For the first volume (level A1) the audio CD is offered in both “natural” (attached to the book) and “slow” version (available on our web site) and therefore easier to understand.


Arrivederci! 1 provides about 60 hours of classroom lesson and offers:

  • 12 teaching units and the sections Facciamo il punto? (placed after units 4, 8, 12) which offer activities and didactic games;
  • activities and exercises that integrate all four language skills;
  • a gradual development of communicative competence;
  • a slow progression;
  • a structure and educational materials that take into account the different learning styles;
  • a living image of Italy;
  • various activities aimed at stimulating and consolidating the grammatical and communicative structures as well as the vocabulary;
  • section L’Italia da vicino which, through the use of authentic materials, aims to bring students in touch with the real Italy;
  • for each unit, page Ripassiamo that summarizes in clear and practical tables all the communicative and grammar elements encountered;
  • at the end of the unit, the self evaluation form Cosa so fare? allows students to assess the progress made;
  • a grammar Appendix to deepen the topics covered in each unit;
  • a final test.

Arrivederci! 1 is completed by:

  • i-d-e-e a platform that incorporates all the exercises from the workbook in interactive form, and a collection of tools and resources for students and teachers;
  • Interactive whiteboard software for a more flexible, interactive and engaging use of the material;
  • On line material, available on our website, expand and integrate the teaching and learning activities, as for example Online activities,  etc.;
  • the Teacher’s guide, (also available online!) with valuable lesson tips, detailed information on aspects of culture and civilization and photocopiable material.
  • Glossaries in various languages (inglese, francese, spagnolo, portoghese, russo, serbo, croato)

    available online.

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    9 May 2013

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    Edilingua Pantelis Marin

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