Avventure italiane. Storie illustrate per stranieri: Avventure a Firenze. Libro + MP3 audio + video online

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Avventure italiane. Storie illustrate per stranieri: Avventure a Venezia. Libro + MP3 audio + video online - Telis Marin

Book + online audio and video, Near beginners level (CEFR A2).

This is the second part of the story, set in Florence.

After a beautiful, carefree summer, our friends Anna, Carla, Bruno and Gianni return to Rome. Here some of them will have to overcome small health problems, others problems in love; however, everyone will have to face the threats of a mysterious old acquaintance of theirs. The fear and the need to stop thinking about him leads the friends on a trip to Florence. But will they really be safe there? The story continues... full of twists, suspense, but also of funny moments.

Each volume contains:

  • 24 chapters illustrated with photographic film stills or comics;
  • 10-12 different situations and as many thematic and lexical areas;
  • an interactive ending: students choose how to end the story;
  • the "Italia & Italiani" page: cultural information on the city where the story is set, accompanied by a video;
  • 1 didactic game featuring the city where the story is set: students have fun and at the same time revise in a collaborative way;
  • comprehension exercises, vocabulary exercises on the expressions and discursive signals used in the dialogues, and in the cultural content;
  • answers to the activities: the student can practice in total autonomy;
  • a preview of the continuing adventure in the next city.

The book also comes with free online resources on the i-d-e-e platform (an access code is printed inside the book):

  • the radio drama: all the audio versions of each episode;
  • the tracks for the listening activities in the Exercises section;
  • 25 videos: all the video episodes and animated comics + the "Italia & Italiani" video;
  • a cultural supplement;
  • a glossary in various languages: you can consult the glossaries of Via del Corso A1.
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    56 pages

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    31 January 2022

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    Edizioni Edilingua srlu

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