Intensive Intermediate Latin: A Grammar and Workbook

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Intensive Intermediate Latin: A Grammar and Workbook comprises an accessible grammar and related exercises in a single volume. It outlines every major grammatical point usually taught in an intermediate college Latin course, as well as other grammatical topics which may be introduced in the first semester of reading prose or poetry.

Features include:

  • Careful management and repetition of vocabulary used to encourage sole focus on the grammar
  • A variety of exercises to enable students to recognize and isolate the grammatical structures in English, helping them to translate into Latin with greater ease
  • Frequent Latin to English and full English to Latin translations
  • Exercises requiring students to modify aspects of Latin sentences in order to enable improved grammar acquisition

Written by an experienced instructor, Intensive Intermediate Latin: A Grammar and Workbook is an ideal resource for students who want to build on their foundations of Latin. The title can be used as a textbook, grammar reference and practice resource for students and independent learners with some knowledge of the language.

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    13 Aug 2015

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    Taylor and Francis

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