Nuovissimo Progetto italiano: Gioco di società 1

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Nuovissimo Progetto italiano: Gioco di società 1 - Telis Marin

Boxed card game to complement the course Nuovissimo Progetto 1 (CEFR A1-A2). It contains 300 cards (6 decks of 50 cards) to diversify the lesson and motivate the class in an entertaining and interactive way.

The cards relate to the language and cultural content featured in the course book and provide 4 different types of games:

  • TABÙ - The player must get their teammates to guess the word on their card without using the word itself or five other additional words listed on the card
  • INDOVINA - The player must guess who or what they are (for example, a profession, a place, an object) by asking the other players questions with yes or no answers only
  • CIAK! - Players can choose whether to mime the word or perform a communicative task
  • MIX - Revision tasks and questions: Build a sentence, missing words, true or false?, which is correct?...

Some of the cards can also be used for two other games:

  • ARTISTI SI... NASCE! - One player draws a word and their teammates have to guess it
  • IMPROVVISIAMO - The players must form complete sentences using the words written on their cards. The sentences must be linked to those already presented by the other team.

The box also contains: 4 reference cards with examples of how to play the game, an instruction booklet and a foldable card holder.


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    200 pages

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    28 Feb. 2020

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