Nuovissimo Progetto italiano: Libro dello studente + tracce audio (QR-code) + codice i-d-e-e 4

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Nuovissimo Progetto italiano: Libro dello studente + tracce audio (QR-code) + codice i-d-e-e 4 C2 - Telis Marin

A fully revised, updated and improved edition of the bestselling language and culture course, Nuovo Progetto italiano.

This new edition maintains the original structure and philosophy, still encouraging quick progression, while offering a less-intensive course which is balanced between communication skills and grammar. Recurring characters provide greater consistency between each unit, while the activities are now more inductive and engaging, with shorter, more spontaneous and natural dialogues. Brand-new videos (including new episodes, quizzes, actors, locations and texts) are better integrated into the course book, complementing the dialogues, with revised audio tracks recorded by professional actors. The cultural sections are modern, concise and inviting, while the vocabulary has been carefully revised and follows a spiral approach through the textbook and workbook. Particularly complex grammar tables have been simplified to aid understanding or moved to a new dedicated section of further study.

Student's book with online audio, interactive digital book and online resources, Upper Advanced level / Fluency (CEFR C2).

Well-balanced in communicative skills, vocabulary and grammar, Nuovissimo Progetto italiano 4 offers rich and stimulating content for high-quality study at an advanced level, reaching level C2 of the CEFR.

The book consists of 25 units (each of 8-10 pages) which follow a gradual progression; engaging contemporary topics, which raise awareness of social issues; authentic texts which explore Italian culture & society; active reflection on vocabulary, grammar and language structures; short sections and activities to maintain motivation; different types of exercises in the style of the various Italian certifications (CELI, CILS, PLIDA etc.); guided expansion activities and vocabulary revision; exercises on expressions, idioms and aphorisms; fun activities and games.

The book contains a printed access code for the i-d-e-e digital platform. This code provides students with access to the interactive version of the textbook, the audio tracks and additional digital resources available on the platform. The code provides free access to these online materials for a set number of hours, within 18 months from activation.

The audio tracks can be accessed via QR-code, online from the i-d-e-e platform, and can be downloaded for free from the publisher's website.

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    21 x 1.5 x 29 cm

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    268 pages

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    31 mai 2022

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