Experiencias Internacional: Libro del alumno 2 (A2) + audio descargable

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Experiencias Internacional: Libro del alumno 2 (A2) + audio descargable - Encina Alonso

Suitable for extensive courses, 'Experiencias Internacional' is an exciting, student-centred manual for adolescent and adult learners of Spanish as a foreign language.

Presenting a clear and flexible structure, this course facilitates active discovery of the Spanish language by making students the true protagonists of their own learning process.

    The manuals in this series include the following:
  • Exercises designed to develop learners' audiovisual competencies.
  • Inductive tasks centred around grammar.
  • Sections focused on the development of students' intercultural awareness.
  • Sections that will allow learners to create and develop their own personalised vocabulary banks.

'Experiencias Internacional' also pays special attention to the emotional aspects of learning the language, and accounts for students' different learning styles/strategies throughout.

The level 1 student's book is made up of 10 units (each of which is divided into 3 sequences or learning objectives).

Each unit features dedicated sections (with exercises) focusing on grammar, vocabulary and practical uses of the language. There is also a section centred around cultural experiences (to develop learners' sociocultural awareness). The concluding section of each unit places an emphasis on students' global/personal experiences.

Furthermore, links are provided in each unit to video clips (accessible online) for further practice of the language.

The audio content for this manual can be downloaded for free via www.edelsa.es (by clicking on the 'Zona Estudiante' tab).

A grammar summary, transcripts relating to the audio content, plus a glossary can be found at the back of the book.

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